Fine Art & Pottery


-I do not offer wheel classes as I only own one wheel and need it for my personal work. Learning the wheel is also a big task to take on and make progress in.

-Pottery pieces available for sale in studio will always be unique & different. No two pieces look exactly the same and thats part of the beauty of it! Pieces will always be  rotating as thrown and fired.

-I kindly do not rent out my kiln or wheel, as there are too many risks associated with  the costly investment. Thank you for your understanding.

-Right now I offer earthenware clay classes to kids! Currently I am enjoying creating stoneware clay pieces myself and being able to share them with others through selling them in the studio!

At this time I do not plan on offering slab built classes for young adults and adults, but that is not to say it couldn’t possibly happen in the future. I need to consider all the costly materials needed to invest in a class set and how a class could work with the many pottery stages involved: wedged, thrown, dry to leather hard, trim, dry to bone dry, bisque fire, sand, wax the bottom, glaze, glaze fire! This process takes about a month to get a piece to completion so I am unsure how this could work in a class setting.